HERMA Glue Bee

Dots on a roll for better adhesion

Everyone will make a beeline for this glue dispensing roller. The HERMA Glue Bee sticks longer, runs easier and stays clean – and can be used anywhere: in the office, at school and at home, for handicrafts, for wrapping presents, attaching photos to job applications, affixing documents, mounting holiday photos and much more besides. The HERMA Glue Bee takes customers’ hearts by storm, whether they're young, old, or in between.

  • Neat gluing thanks to line of glue dots
  • Objects can be repositioned for a brief time after being glued
  • Easy unrolling of glue dots – in straight lines or in curves
  • No drips or threads, free from acids and solvents
  • Removable glue - Simply rub off the residual mini glue dots
  • Environmentally friendly: Minimum paper waste, and refillable